Cybbanner Guide

Current Version | v1.0.0

Cybbanner is a creative management tool focused around the creative upload process. The current version supports the uploading of (.jpg, .png, and .gif) creatives to TradeDesk and Xandr


The following will need to be done within the DSPs. If the feature is added to this platform, this section will be updated.

▶ TradeDesk creative flights

▶ Xandr auditing

▶ Only one 3rd-Party Impression Tracker is currently supported

Upcoming Changes

New Version Features | v1.1.0

▶ Support .ZIP creative types (HTML5)

▶ Add form field for javascript tags (Used for new Lynk implementation)

▶ Add flighting on TradeDesk creatives

▶ Display information and preview after creatives are uploaded to DSPs

Development Changes & Bug Fixes

▶ Add "Enter" Button even listener on forms missing it

▶ Handle "database & server files out of sync" error

▶ Condense "logout" and "user settings" into one hamburger icon

▶ Allow user to select advertiser if multiple accounts are found

▶ Remove whitespace before & after all form inputs